November 11 2016 0comment(s)

Upcoming Opportunities in China Elevators Market

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New equipment market in China is growing at slow rate instead of this discouraging trend there are plenty of opportunities in service market.  The low demand in new equipment market is due to slow growth in Chinese infrastructure development front. The other key reason is severe competition among domestic and international players; where international brands have been facing heat over the last few years.

June 30 2016 0comment(s)

India: Still Foreign to the Child Safety Seat Culture

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India is vast country with different culture, class and income people. In India the people have less awareness about the child safety seats. The automobile sector is growing so is the population of India. The fertility rate in India is 2.6 per woman. It ranks second in terms of population but unfortunately the usage of child safety seat is negligible. It’s about time that the Indian vehicle safety guidelines which include child restraint system are aligned with international standards. It will result in slight escalation of cost but the safety aspects are far more important.

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