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NOVONOUS Insights Subscription is applicable to all syndicated research reports published by NOVONOUS. It is aimed towards organizations who are looking to access most of our reports at a economical subscription based rates.

Key benefits of this subscription are:

  1. Applicable on currently available and upcoming NOVONOUS Insights syndicated research reports.
  2. Discounted access compared to market purchase on individual basis for same report.
  3. Newly launched reports are also covered under this package.
  4. No expiry date of your subscription.
  5. Dedicated account manager.
Why you should choose NOVONOUS Insights syndicated market research reports?
  1. High Degree of Primary Research Component - All our reports are build using major primary research input unlike most syndicated research reports available in market today. Our analysts interview industry bodies and associations, government organizations and industry players to get on-the-ground analysis for all our publication. This ensures data quality and helps us provide our customers time critical and actionable intelligence which they can use to solve real problems or expand their business. 
  2. Extensive Coverage - All our publications have detailed coverage of all the factors affecting the industry which eliminates the need to purchase multiple research reports.
  3. Unique Intelligence - Due to high degree to primary research, our reports contain unique analysis which ensures that our customers have an edge when making decisions based on our reports compare to other players in the same industry.
  4. Economical Pricing - We create our syndicated research reports using similar process and dedication which we use for our custom research projects. Our syndicated research reports are priced at a fraction (1/20th to be precise :) ) price of what we charge for our custom research projects. This ensures you get top quality research at bargain basement prices thus maximizing the value of each your research dollar.
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