Know Your Customer (KYC)

NOVONOUS abides by a concrete methodology of helping clients understand their customers by conducting various insight studies. With the ability to gathering detailed information about consumer behaviour, we not only take you through the whole process of market insight but also birds eye view of the consumers and markets. The market research conducted by our highly skilled manpower will help you identify problem areas and opportunities and exploit your potential.

1. Customer Satisfaction Study

We all know customer satisfaction is essential to the survival of our businesses. How do we find out whether your customers are satisfied? The best way to find out whether your customers are satisfied is to ask them. We at NOVONOUS conduct surveys probing into the feedback of the products and services and recommend steps to make the services better, based on user feedback. NOVONOUS conducts web-based surveys, in-depth interviews, concept testing & 'needs analysis' research and also face to face interviews.

2. Tracking Study

Our pursuit of this objective is to analyze and monitor performance of a product as per scheduled timeframe. We take away the hurdle for clients to track and monitor brand/product performance thus letting you concentrate on the more critical aspects of business. Identifying the needs and preferences, NOVONOUS provides you meaningful insights on how to increase your customer loyalty and achieve customer satisfaction.

3. Mystery Shopping

A powerful tool that NOVONOUS uses is mystery shopping that would help clients to measure the quality of retail service or gather specific information about products and services. Using specific tasks like asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way we provide detailed reports on customer experiences.

4. Brand Health Assessment Study

This is analysis and monitoring of brand performance across demographics according to customer acceptability. Our assessment study helps clients to identify key pain areas and bring back brand to a healthy track. NOVONOUS assures you that the health of your brand is in the right hands.

5. Advertising/Concept Testing/Product Testing

We concept test a product, using quantitative and qualitative methods, to evaluate an idea prior to the introduction into the market. Some methods that we follow for concept testing are personal interviews, focus groups and field surveys. Advertising is another means for evaluating consumers on the basis of the surveys done and for communicating an idea/value or information to the external market.

NOVONOUS has adopted a unique way of concept testing which is very different from the traditional way of testing the identified product.

6. Performance Management

We take care of clients’ day to day needs by consistently tracking the performance of retail stores along with alignment of brand image and store image with the customer image. We take care of your day to day agenda and help you achieve your strategic goal.

7. Advertising, Sales Promotion & Online Marketing

At NOVONOUS we take care of proper alignment of advertising cycle and its connect with the various mediums. Identifying the right advertizing mix along with the promotion time and period will give an output of a successful marketing strategy.

8. Development and implementation of a sales and marketing plan

For any organization it is very important to have a plan how to enter and sustain in the market. We help in designing a well defined distribution model which gives a complete view about channel of distribution with complete chain management of sales force. Thus NOVONOUS helps in putting in place the right marketing channel, carefully detect early trends, budding technologies, competitor moves, or shifts in consumer preferences.

9. Brand Identity, Positioning & Brand Revitalizing

We at NOVONOUS thoroughly investigate the weak areas in existing brands and identify ways and means to rectify these in the best possible way. After all getting the brand back to track will only ensure a successful product/service and organization.

Latest Market Research Reports

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$5,000.00 Food & Beverages//Pharma & Healthcare

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$5,000.00 Food & Beverages

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$5,000.00 Consumer & Retail

Global Child Safety Seat Market 2016-2020

$5,000.00 Automotive//Consumer & Retail

Global Canned Food Market 2016-2020

$5,000.00 Food & Beverages

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