Know Your Market (KYM)

NOVONOUS abides by a concrete methodology of helping clients understand their markets by conducting various insight studies. With the ability to gathering detailed information along with in-depth information flow to clients, we not only take you through the whole process of market insight but also birds eye view of the industry. The market research conducted by our highly skilled manpower will help you identify problem areas and opportunities and exploit your potential.

The market research conducted by our intellectuals helps you to identify marketing problems, rectify myopia's, build around the criticality and attend to the latent product features. This may include processes of buying, consumption and price etc.

1. Feasibility Analysis/ Opportunity Assessment

NOVONOUS conducts studies on business viability of launching new products and services. New markets are a blue ocean for exploiting new opportunities which are also studied by us for our esteemed clients. Rather than taking a top to bottom approach we follow a bottom to top approach which means an opportunity is assessed by the level of customers dissatisfaction and unidentified need gap rather than the attractiveness of only the market or product.

2. Market Sizing and Assessment

It is a detail research on specific market segments to understand market characteristics, such as size and growth, competitor positioning, demand profile, influencer's etc. We have put in place a robust mechanism for a very user friendly understanding. The objective here is to provide you with a very risk free and objective based decision making calculative data.

3. Country Analysis

NOVONOUS research process includes critically examining macroeconomic environment of a country and potential market segments using value chain analysis, gap analysis, concentration & profitability analysis, trend analysis, Porter’s five forces analysis, PEST analysis etc, in order to identify business opportunities for our clients.

4. Vendor Identification

It is a research to identify vendors in target markets to help entry of our clients’ into that market. To identify best suitable vendors/suppliers/assemblers/OEM’s to establish client visibility in market. Study viability of suppliers/customers of client as per their requirements.

NOVONOUS will ensure that the vendor capabilities are matched with elements of your business, including management, operations, sales, marketing, design, innovation, communications, IT and Human Resources.

5. Newsletter

At NOVONOUS we provide clients with time critical data to enable them to make critical decisions. Our customized newsletters having information of key market dynamics in target industry would give maximum market coverage on regular intervals.

Latest Market Research Reports

Global Nutraceuticals Market 2016-2020

$5,000.00 Food & Beverages//Pharma & Healthcare

Global Bottled Water Market 2016-2020

$5,000.00 Food & Beverages

Global Hair Care Market 2016-2020

$5,000.00 Consumer & Retail

Global Child Safety Seat Market 2016-2020

$5,000.00 Automotive//Consumer & Retail

Global Earthmoving Equipment Market 2016-2020

$5,000.00 Industry & Manufacturing

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