Know Your Investment (KYI)

We understand your stance on financial's, hence would be able to guide you better. This is because cash management is a key for success whether be it entering new markets, buying selling or M&A opportunities. Any decision be it partnership or venturing in new locations is driven by financial decisions.

1. Company Profiling

Detailed Profiling of target companies based on key parameters derived from clients’ needs and expectations. We give you a customized platter of your requirements.

2. Comparative Analysis

It is a comparison of clients’ organization with other similar companies in the same market. Be it competition size, target customers, product/services offered etc. This study will come handy in order to identify your strengths and weakness against similar organizations.

3. Industry Analysis

NOVONOUS provides its clients’ with bird’s eye view of target Industry and investing opportunities in that industry.

4. Market Analysis

We provide weekly/monthly research note to capture market movements and emerging opportunities. This will also help our clients’ to identify the good market fit from a bad one and create a blue ocean strategy for immerging markets.

5. Acquisition Analysis

This study will help businesses that are looking for strategic partners via organic or inorganic way. NOVONOUS has expertise in evaluating potential of acquirer or potential prospects. We study the target company’s valuation to gauge it’s suitability for client organization to avoid miss-match and find a right fit.

Latest Market Research Reports

Global Nutraceuticals Market 2016-2020

$5,000.00 Food & Beverages//Pharma & Healthcare

Global Bottled Water Market 2016-2020

$5,000.00 Food & Beverages

Global Hair Care Market 2016-2020

$5,000.00 Consumer & Retail

Global Child Safety Seat Market 2016-2020

$5,000.00 Automotive//Consumer & Retail

Global Canned Food Market 2016-2020

$5,000.00 Food & Beverages

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